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Reproduction Roullette

Is it just me, or did it all used to be a lot easier? I’m sure in the folklore of familial heritage when someone wanted to have a baby, they simply closed their eyes, thought of their respective country and … Continue reading

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Notes on a scandal

It’s funny the things that trigger it off. You think you find a place for the grief, and then you open the Sunday paper and it bleeds out all over the pages. I won’t go over old ground here. Suffice … Continue reading

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Testing Times

I’ll never forget the shock and surprise when the first blue line changed my life forever. And the rollercoaster ride we embarked on, first with Daisy and then Poppy, was a journey like no other. But never did I think … Continue reading

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A little something for my hubby

Do you know the best thing about life? It goes on. But best of all, it goes on with you. And while we mourn the loss of our unborn children, it is our two very present children who make us … Continue reading

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How did I become that woman?

For someone who never wanted the traditional family life, I sure as hell pursued it with a passion. In my youth, I craved excitement, not commitment; I sought travel, not stability; I choose freedom, not responsibility. But then I met … Continue reading

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A grave matter…

Apologies for the radio silence – I went underground for a little while, burying myself away while I tried to come to terms with the loss of another baby. Just days after seeing the heartbeat and recognising my child amid … Continue reading

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There’s always a rainbow on a rainy day…

Like almost everything bad I’ve experienced in life, there is inevitably some good somewhere hidden in all the crap. It happens with the little things. It happens with the big things. Take the little bad things. The other day I … Continue reading

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Miscarriage of Justice

The last of the summer butterflies dance in the garden, fragile and beautiful. Like a butterfly, my little baby was not destined for a long life. It’s time was measured in weeks, like a butterfly. And like a butterfly, she … Continue reading

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