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The gorgeous and the grotesque

Children. They are the ridiculous and the sublime, and everything in between…including the gorgeaous and grotesque. I’ll start with the latter – and I suggest you look away now if you are anyway sensitive. Yesterday I had the unglamorous task … Continue reading

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The Payback begins…

It would not be an understatement to say it hasn’t been a struggle. Six pregnancies, three children under six, and several life-changing events, untold dramas, adventures and crises. Then let’s not forget the mundane – the endless, endless, endless, endless, … Continue reading

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Family Friends

When you become a parent you don’t think that your children will start having an influence on who you become friends with. But they do! One of my best friends is the mum of Daisy’s best friend. How weird is … Continue reading

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The Truth Hurts

One of the loveliest – and funniest – things about children is their honesty….. although it can be a little brutalising! Recent raw rantings from my two include: To my mum, who is rather sensitive about her thinning hair, Daisy … Continue reading

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… and my universe shifts again

I’ve been changing nappies for nearly five years now. I can change nappies with them standing up, lying down, awake, asleep, in a car, on a floor, on a table. I can change nappies with my eyes open, my eyes … Continue reading

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TV is good for kids!

Now before you all report me to the PC Police, let me explain my New Found, U-Turned philosophy. Before I had children I was one of those Pre-Parents who arrogantly (it has to be said) and confidently announced that no … Continue reading

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Loving Christmas

Ah Christmas…..always loved it. All that glitter and glutton. All that ho ho ho and he he he. All those presents wrapped under the tree, all those presents hidden in the cupboard waiting to be stuffed into expectant stockings. Little … Continue reading

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Feast or Famine

There are several advantages of not having family living nearby…… no over-enthusiastic visiting from mums and mother-in-laws; no loosing your husband to Saturday DIY sessions at the grandparent’s house; no Sunday lunch obligations; no cousin babysitting. Of course the disadvantage … Continue reading

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I’m cracking Christmas

There are times when my outer children reach in and grab my inner child by the hand and pull her out to dance around the house. But at Christmas, my inner child steps out all by herself, grabs everyone by … Continue reading

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A little something for my hubby

Do you know the best thing about life? It goes on. But best of all, it goes on with you. And while we mourn the loss of our unborn children, it is our two very present children who make us … Continue reading

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