I’m young, I’m single, I’m free, I’m ambitious, I’m gutsy, I’m up for anything, I’m on an adventure.

I’m also middle aged, separated, a mum, responsible, cautious, up for anything as long as there is a seat provided, and on an adventure but need glasses to see the map.

I read a quote recently: “Straight roads do not make skillful drivers.”  Well I must be on my way to winning the grand prix of life.

This blog began nearly 10 years ago under the title Mummy Mania, and documented the shock to my system of becoming a parent.   Then, it evolved into The Sandwich Years when my mum had a stroke and I was catapulted into a vortex of care for her, my dad and my three very young children.

But now it has evolved again. I am 46, a single mum, a writer, and many other things. This is the next bend on my road…. and I’m clicking my seatbelt and changing the gear.

My debut bestselling book, Daughter, Mother, Me: A memoir of love, loss and dirty dishes is out now.  My writing website is www.alanakirkwriting.com. I also write about writing and the power of storytelling through my business Making Words Work http://www.alanakirk.ie. I tweet about love of words @AlanaKirkWords

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  1. Just started following your blog. Looking forward to reading how you manage your “sandwich years”. I’m still in my twenties, but I still take care of three younger sisters and my parent’s. So maybe somehow I’m in my pre-sandwich years…lol. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two from you to prepare for my future!


  2. Thanks for loving up my site! I look forward to reading more of your posts. I’ve followed you on Twitter. Are you on Facebook as well?


  3. bone&silver says:

    Ooh, your blog sounds great, I’m so Following. And kudos for writing a book about such a challenging time with your Mum, with so many other demands as well. We women are AMAZING! Cheers, gabrielle


  4. Brianna N says:

    I really like your style and perspective of middle age. I rarely smile, but now I do. Just started following you!

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