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The bearable darkness of being

It’s nearly a year since my baby was born. And nearly a year since my mum had her catastrophic stroke. Undeniably the worst, saddest, most challenging, gut wrenching, heart tearing, mind wrecking year of my life. The sheer awfullness of … Continue reading

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a new phase

The doctor warned us this would be a rollercoaster. I’ve always rather liked exciting rides. Not this one. This is a ride I can’t get off. But, after the desperate dips of the last few weeks, we now seem to … Continue reading

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Testing Times

I’ll never forget the shock and surprise when the first blue line changed my life forever. And the rollercoaster ride we embarked on, first with Daisy and then Poppy, was a journey like no other. But never did I think … Continue reading

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Miscarriage of Justice

The last of the summer butterflies dance in the garden, fragile and beautiful. Like a butterfly, my little baby was not destined for a long life. It’s time was measured in weeks, like a butterfly. And like a butterfly, she … Continue reading

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Happy 1st Birthday

My baby is one. Last night I held you when you woke up and cried in the middle of the night… you were just hours from being one and I sat in our rocking chair in the dark holding you … Continue reading

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