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the downs and downs parenting

There’s meant to be an ‘up’ in that phrase but i’m finding it hard to find the up these days. It seems to be downshill all the way at the moment. Depression is a bit like a coldsore. It’s there … Continue reading

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Things I’d forgotten about toddlers

The human body really is an amazing thing. In the days after my three caesareans I thought I’d never feel whole again – now I can’t even remember the pain. And our brains? They have an amazing capacity to remember … Continue reading

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Party politics

It has begun. Party politics….. at six. Daisy’s forthcoming birthday party is turning into something akin to a CIA secret mission – we have subterfuge, secrecy, leaks, plots, diplomacy and coverups…. and that’s just the invitations. Last year it seemed … Continue reading

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The Payback begins…

It would not be an understatement to say it hasn’t been a struggle. Six pregnancies, three children under six, and several life-changing events, untold dramas, adventures and crises. Then let’s not forget the mundane – the endless, endless, endless, endless, … Continue reading

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Who’s the Mummy?

I’ve written before about that fuzzy old line that defines (or not) who is the child and who is the parent. In the last four months as my mum lies permanently entangled in her half-life post-stroke, I spoon feed her, … Continue reading

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Snooze Button Defect

Kids just don’t get the concept of snoozing. It’s ‘awake’ or ‘asleep’ – no warm, fuzzy, lazy lazing in bed, eyes closed, thoughts open, aware the day has begun but not quite ready to face it. That bastion of parental … Continue reading

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Fabulous Forty – Part 2

Sorry – that was a long intermission. The nausea fog is clearing, but the clouds of exhaustion still hang low…. anyway, back to my list. My Forty Fabulous Things I Love about Life (in no particular order) Part 2: The … Continue reading

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