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It’s a hard life being six

I’ve often wondered over the last couple of years how life got so bloody complicated – three young children, a gorgeous but work-laden husband, a sick mum and a million other pebbles that make the road a bit harder to … Continue reading

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Fitting it all in…..

Despite only seven (yes!!!!!! only seven!!!!) weeks to go until I can lift this enormous boulder that is my stomach off my spine, and cradle a light little lump of loveliness in my arms instead.. this title does not actually … Continue reading

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Which Cartoon Character are you?

Since we mums spend so much time watching, singing about, helping to colour in, and picking up soft toys of cartoon characters, they can sort of take over our lives. The other day I even found myself thinking, “You know, … Continue reading

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One day….

In answer to Josie’s fantastic blog prompts in her Writing Workshop at Sleep is for the Weak, here are my thoughts on my dreams for ‘one day…’ One day, I’d like to fulfil my dream of having a menagerie of … Continue reading

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Calling all Parents

A bit like death and taxes being the certainty with life, you can rest assured there are two things we can rely on in motherhood – endless nappies and endless guilt-tripping. The pressure of parenting is palpable – from the … Continue reading

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My 3 year olds last kiss

Last night my three year old girl – the light that has lit my world since the day she was born – kissed me good night for the last time. It was sad and beautiful. This morning I hugged my … Continue reading

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Disaster days are often the best…

I just had one of “those” days. This one was so bad, it started the night before and kept on going. Having had two weeks of broken sleep, hubby finally returned from his various trips and I scuttled off to … Continue reading

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Lice are Nice

No, really, they are. I’ve decided not to get hysterical about the hopping, crawling creepies that have festooned themselves in our household hair (my husband’s rather bald head notwithstanding). Instead, I’m going to rack it up as one of those … Continue reading

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Killer Food

I’m lucky to be alive. Really. I’ve had so many death-defying experiences in my life, it’s a wonder I’m here at all……. Or so you’d think if you spent time with my mum. The funny thing is, I don’t actually … Continue reading

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It’s good to talk…

A weekend of sleepless nights, high emotion, and hugs and happiness. Just another weekend with the girls…. Only this time it was my girl-friends… Four ragged mums decided it would be beneficial to all concerned (our kids most of all) … Continue reading

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